College Football Playoff Heartbreaker

My TCU Horned Frogs (Enrollment: 10,000) were not invited to participate in the 2014 College Football Playoffs. Ohio $tate University (Enrollment: 57,000) was invited instead. Surely this selection process had nothing to do with $$$. That's impossible.


Coach Patterson and my Frogs will fight doubly hard next year. Rah, rah TCU!

Oh yeah. And at least Baylor didn’t get in.

Potluck Observations

Before you know it, Potluck Season will be here. Office parties. Friends and Family get-togethers. “Bring A Dish!” But don’t be that guy who brings a dud dish. I’ve been to a lot of potlucks. I’ve observed much. Here is an unbiased list of the most popular potluck dishes:

1.  Deviled Eggs - I don’t get it. Deviled eggs are a torture dish for me. But they’re always the first dish to go at a potluck.

2.  Caprese Salad - Another easy pass for me. However, the whole world has become addicted to this dish. Probably something in the water supply.

3.  Frank’s Redhot Buffalo Chicken Dip - My buddy Dan opened my eyes to this dish. It’s a gooey dip that works great with tortilla chips. Bring this dish and you don't have to worry about bringing any home. Recipe LINK.

4.  Bacon-wrapped Anything - Period. 

That’s it. And yes, my blog has somehow turned into a Foodie Blog. 

“How hot?”

So this happened to me. I’m at lunch celebrating a good friend/co-worker. Thai food. Not in my wheel-house, but When in Rome. Or Bangkok. I zeroed in on something that sounded like chicken fajitas with noodles. Chicken, onions, and peppers. Simple, though I have no recollection what the actual name of the dish was. As I’m ordering, I’m asked “How hot?” 

“Not very.”

“What number? 0 to 10.” 

“4.” My friend (we've worked together for over 13 years) shakes her head ominously. “Let's go with a 2.”

“2” was still a little too spicy.

Mmm… Pieology Pizza

This is how it’s done at Pieology Pizzeria:

Garlic Butter
Extra Red Sauce
Red Onions
and a side of Ranch dressing

That’s what I'm talking about.

Labor Day Treasure from Kobey’s

Lucille II has just made a grand entrance into the Holeva Art Gallery.

A treasure this amazing could only be found at Kobey’s Swap Meet at the Sports Arena. Labor Day Weekend 2014. And because bragging about the Deal is half the fun: Hand-painted pastel art? $10. Ridiculously gaudy frame with black velvet inset? $5. Megan spotted the art, I discovered the frame.

Hopefully Lucille II won't experience her chronic vertigo from her place of honor on the wall.

The Best Team I Ever Saw

I was asked today, “What is an example of a great team?” My response: “The 1998 Padres.”

Tony, Trevor, Cammy, Wally, Steve, Greg, Kevin, Andy, Sterling. The 1998 San Diego Padres won the National League Pennant. The Padres had a roster full of talent, Bruce Bochy managing, and super likable. More than that, they were an exciting team to watch and energized the city of San Diego. They were the best team I ever saw in person.

And as for the World Series, Mark Langston struck out Tino Martinez in Game 1  leading to a four game sweep of the overmatched Yankees. At least, that's the way I remember it.