Throwback (Art) Thursday

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
Colored Pencils - 1994
Best movie of all time? Easy. The Empire Strikes Back. It's the first movie I remember seeing in the theater with my Mom and sisters. The original Star Wars premiered 40 years ago today and I’ve enjoyed drawing Star Wars for my entire life.

Throwback (Art) Thursday

The Beatles
Screenprint - 1997
I discovered The Beatles in high school, and by the time I was taking Screenprinting at TCU I was a full blown devotee. Favorite song? “All You Need Is Love.” Favorite album? Abbey Road. (I reserve the right to change these answers every day for the rest of my life)

I Did Not Know That

I grew up watching Cheers, the comedy about the bar where everybody knows your name. Sam and Diane. Coach and then Woody. Carla tormenting Cliff and Norm. Dare I say I've seen every episode? Yes, I dare.

So it was fun to find out a Cliff Claven-worthy factoid of Cheers trivia today. While jumping down a YouTube rabbit hole, I discovered that Cheers was originally going to have a different theme song rather than the now-famous “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” performed by Gary Portnoy. I was watching an interview of Cheers creators Glen and Les Charles and they discussed the selection of the theme song.

And what could have been:

I did not know that. Cheers!


Well, sort of. My design for Aurora Hoppyalis IPA was chosen by San Diego Magazine as one of the “Coolest Beer Bottle Designs.” Recognition of my design!

The road for this design had SO many twists and turns coming to life. I refined the “Aurora Hoppyalis” type by drawing it so many times that for a while the letters ceased to be letters and the words no longer looked like words. You know you've been staring at words a long time when that happens.

There are over 100 craft breweries in San Diego and to have one of my beer designs singled out is one of the coolest design-ey things to happen to me.

So Good I Wish I'd Thought Of It.

During a game on April 21, 2017 the Cincinnati Reds kept their hometown fans entertained between innings with the Chicago Cubs "Bandwagon Cam."


So clever. How has this not been done before? Huge props to the Cincinnati ballpark staff!


Yup, it's been a busy first half to the year.

No complaints.