Potluck Observations

Before you know it, Potluck Season will be here. Office parties. Friends and Family get-togethers. “Bring A Dish!” But don’t be that guy who brings a dud dish. I’ve been to a lot of potlucks. I’ve observed much. Here is an unbiased list of the most popular potluck dishes:

1.  Deviled Eggs - I don’t get it. Deviled eggs are a torture dish for me. But they’re always the first dish to go at a potluck.

2.  Caprese Salad - Another easy pass for me. However, the whole world has become addicted to this dish. Probably something in the water supply.

3.  Frank’s Redhot Buffalo Chicken Dip - My buddy Dan opened my eyes to this dish. It’s a gooey dip that works great with tortilla chips. Bring this dish and you don't have to worry about bringing any home. Recipe LINK.

4.  Bacon-wrapped Anything - Period. 

That’s it. And yes, my blog has somehow turned into a Foodie Blog.